CCS Services is one of the oldest and best recognized Analytical Chemistry Equipment distribution companies has been established in Switzerland in early 90s with a vision of developing professional western-style operations for distribution and support of the leading international equipment manufacturing brands throughout the territory of the Former Soviet Union.

Our Mission is: Providing Customers with modern Analytical Chemistry instrumentation, including Laboratory and Portable in-field Analytical Instruments together with complimentary Services matching best international standards. We are committed to apply best trade and export practices while focusing on the needs of end users at the local markets as well, as the manufacturers of the equipment.

Marketing, Sales, Distribution and End-User Services are supported by our Almaty based subsidiary: CCS Services Central Asia, established in 2009 and the network of partner companies in most of the countries in the region.

Many thousands of units of equipment installed and supported by our experts in research and industrial organizations in the area. We have unbeaten track records in new products introduction and new markets development for Analytical Instrumentation (CCS Services has been awarded multiple awards as a distributor of leading international manufacturers).

Hi-tech equipment, analytical chemistry, vacuum technology