Services we deliver

Elemental Analysis Spectroscopy and Sample Preparation Methods

– Excellent Expertise and Proven Reputation in Elemental Analysis Spectroscopy and Sample Preparation Methods, in Metal Analysis, Portable Spectroscopy (in-the-field) and Hi-Vacuum equipment.Our expertise is based on 25+ years of experience in the field, as Representative, Distributor and Service provider for leading international brands,

– With more 25 year presence locally we are proud of our extensive and relevant Customer base for each of the product divisions and our strong presence across all relevant for every product line market segments. Our position is leveraged by IT-Based systematic approach to managing individual relationships with the End-users,

– Using our Technical and Marketing Expertise and leveraging on the strong Market Position – we locate, evaluate and support market introduction of best Brands, Technologies and Products – an activity in which we have excellent track-records,

– We developed and nourishing Service culture that is based on the quality of our in-house Engineering, Applications Development and Technical Services capabilities. That allows us to guarantee the full-cycle End-user support for every line of Instrumentation that we carry.

– The complete Logistics solutions are in place to provide for the deliveries of Products, Spare Parts and Consumables to whenever our End-users are located at the most time and cost efficient manner

– CCS Services maintains a long-standing commitment to the high level Compliance in the areas of International Trade and Export practices and legislations.