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Complete solution for Laboratory Elemental Analysis

Spectroscopy and Elemental Analysis (in-Laboratory Solutions):

CCS Services has a well-established position in Russia and CIS countries as a leading supplier of the “complete solution” for Laboratory Elemental Analysis, combining Optical Spectroscopy (AAS and ICP-OES/MS) methods with the Microwave Sample Preparation technique.

Our Product Portfolio includes:

– Wide Range of top quality “Made in Europe” Spectroscopy Equipment manufactured by Analytik Jena AG, Germany,

– Microwave Sample preparation and Clean Chemistry product solutions manufactured by the worldwide leader in the field: Milestone SRL, Italy/Germany/Switzerland,

– Spare Parts, Consumables and Complimentary spectroscopy equipment, including Chillers and CCS Services Hollow Cathode lamps and Graphite parts,

CCS Services has installed and continuously provide support for in-lab Spectroscopy instrumentation in many hundreds of various Industrial, Certification and Testing, Environmental and Safety, Research and Education sectors labs.

Metals and Mining (Portable and in-lab Analytical Solutions):

For the customers in Metals Fabrication, Metals Recycling, PMI Oil and Gas, same as in Metals Mining Industries, who are looking beyond lab Analysis we have been supplying many hundreds of Portable Elemental Analyzers :

–  We are a distributor of ThermoScientificPAI (ThermoNitonPortable XRF Analyzers).From year 2004 till today we have been successfully representing the brand in Russia helping it to become a market leader in the field of Portable Instrumentation.

– CCS Services is a distributor of Rigaku Analytical Instruments (LIBS portable Spectrometers).

– We supply and support Compact Desktop OES Spark Spectrometers manufactured by Arun Technology UK.

Pharmaceutical & Chemicals Materials Verification (Portable and in-lab Solutions) :

We are distributor for ThermoScientific portable Raman TrueScan and NIR microPHAZIR RX spectrometers for material identification and verification in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and General Chemistry manufacturing, warehouse control and product development applications.

CobaltLight UK – leader in TransmissionRaman Technology for Safety and Pharmaceuticals Applications.

Vacuum Technology:

Being during more than 25 years a supplier of Vacuum Technology and Solutions, we accumulated a vast experience and application knowledge in different Industrial, OEM and research applications.

Product Portfolio including:

– Hi-vacuum pumps and Helium MS Leak detectors manufactured by Agilent Vacuum Technologies,

– Vacuum Valves from VAT AG, Switzerland and other suppliers

– CCS Services Vacuum components and Vacuum Measurement Solutions